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I Shutter At Your Touch

A Photoblog

11 February 1962
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There are nudes here. The posts are Work Safe, and NWS content is hidden behind a cut. I consider the female body to be the very personification of beauty. All women are beautiful. Nude women, especially so. I make no apologies about my tastes. I try to avoid porn, but of course that is always a matter of interpretation. If you feel you might be offended by naked people, don't go behind the cuts.

This LJ is an extension of www.shutteratyourtouch.com and the companion site of LJ user foxglovehp, so if you want to know more about me as a person and read my daily ramblings, stop by there too. This is my photo blog. I hope you enjoy the images presented here.

I have been a photographer for over 30 years. I have been away from it for a little while though and am now getting back into it in a meaningful way. Fortunately, like golf, it is something you can always do and always get better at. Over the years I have worked as a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, darkroom tech (real darkroom - not a machine-jockey), have shot for newspapers, magazines, etc., but mostly for my own enjoyment. When I first enlisted in the Army, I wanted to enlist as a photographer, but the school didn't start for six months and I was starving...

I am making the transition to digital, finally. I have a Nikon D80, but am not yet ready to retire my F3HP and FM2. There is something about film. I am also finally finishing up my B&W darkroom at home, converting the downstairs bathroom.

I am portfolio building, so please be patient. I am also searching for models who are interested in building their portfolio as well.